Mastering the Kingdom: Royal Match Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android

Welcome to the magical kingdom of Royal Match, a delightful match-3 puzzle game available for both iOS and Android. The game offers players the chance to assist King Robert in his quest to rebuild the royal castle and restore its former glory. As you embark on this enchanting journey, you will encounter various levels and challenges that will require your strategic thinking and puzzle-solving skills.

This blog post is dedicated to providing you with the best tips and tricks to conquer the levels and claim your place as the ultimate Royal Match master. From mastering the game mechanics to optimizing power-ups and understanding obstacles, we have you covered. So, let’s dive in!

Understand the Game Mechanics

The primary objective in Royal Match is to match at least three similar adjacent tiles to clear them from the board. Although the basic concept is simple, the game is filled with unique elements and challenges. Keep these points in mind as you play:

Utilize swaps: Swap adjacent tiles to create matches. You can only swap tiles that result in a match.

Level objectives: Each level has specific objectives to complete. Focus on these goals to advance.

Moves limit: You have a limited number of moves to achieve your objectives. Use them wisely!

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Create Special Tiles and Combos

Matching more than three tiles in a row or column will create powerful special tiles that can clear multiple tiles at once. Here are the different special tiles and how to create them:

Bomb: Match four tiles in a row or column to create a bomb. Detonate it to clear a 3×3 area.

Rocket: Match four tiles in a square to create a rocket. Launch it to clear an entire row or column.

Star: Match five tiles in an L or T shape to create a star. Activate it to clear all tiles of a chosen color.

Combine special tiles to create powerful combos that can help you overcome even the trickiest levels. Experiment with different combinations to discover their full potential.

Plan Your Moves

With a limited number of moves available, planning is crucial for success. Before making a move, survey the board and consider your options. Prioritize moves that align with your level objectives or create special tiles.

Utilize Power-ups Wisely

Power-ups can be your secret weapon when you find yourself stuck on a particularly challenging level. However, they are limited, so use them wisely. Here are some power-ups to consider:

Hammer: Instantly clear a single tile from the board.

Extra moves: Add five extra moves to help you complete a level.

Shuffle: Rearrange the tiles on the board to create new match opportunities.

Understand and Overcome Obstacles

As you progress in Royal Match, you will encounter various obstacles that can make the levels more challenging. Here are some common obstacles and how to overcome them:

Chains: Tiles can be chained, requiring multiple matches to free them. Focus on clearing chained tiles to create more space on the board.

Ice: Tiles can be frozen in ice. Make matches adjacent to the ice to break it and free the tiles.

Boxes: Some tiles are locked in boxes. Clear adjacent tiles to break the boxes and release the tiles inside.

Don’t forget to check out our cheats for Royal Match. If you need any help or have anything to add, please feel free to message us too.

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