Royal Match is a popular puzzle game available on both iOS and Android platforms. In this game, players are tasked with helping King Robert and his loyal companion, Knight Billy, navigate through colorful levels by matching and collecting game pieces. The goal is to clear obstacles, decorate the royal palace, and ultimately, help King Robert find his one true love.

Royal Match Cheats 2023 for Gems and Coins

Let us provide you with a comprehensive list of Royal Match cheats, tips, and tricks to help you advance through Royal Match with ease. We will cover everything from essential strategies to in-game currency and power-ups. So, get ready to dominate your friends’ high scores and become a Royal Match expert!

Focus on Objectives

Each level in Royal Match has specific objectives that you need to complete to progress. These objectives can range from removing certain obstacles to collecting a specific number of game pieces. To maximize your chances of success, always focus on fulfilling the level’s objectives first before worrying about the score. This will help you save moves and increase your chances of earning three stars.

Plan Your Moves

Instead of impulsively making matches, take a moment to scan the board and plan your moves strategically. Try to create matches that will result in chain reactions or cascading matches, as these can help clear multiple obstacles in one go. Additionally, keep an eye out for potential match-4 or match-5 opportunities, as these can lead to powerful power-ups.

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Master the Power-Ups

Royal Match offers various power-ups that can be created by matching four or more game pieces:

  • Rocket: Created by matching four game pieces in a row or column. This power-up clears an entire row or column, depending on its orientation.
  • Bomb: Formed by matching five game pieces in an L or T shape. This power-up explodes, clearing game pieces and obstacles in a 3×3 area.
  • Rainbow: Created by matching five game pieces in a straight line. This power-up can be swapped with any game piece, eliminating all instances of that piece from the board.

Combine Power-Ups for Maximum Impact

Combining two or more power-ups can create devastating effects, clearing large portions of the board and obstacles with ease. For example, combining a rocket and bomb will result in a larger explosion, while a rocket and rainbow combination will clear all instances of two different game pieces.

Take Advantage of Free Boosters

Royal Match offers a variety of boosters that can be used to help you pass difficult levels. These boosters include:

  • Extra Moves: Grants you five additional moves for a level.
  • Hammer: Allows you to remove a single game piece or obstacle from the board.
  • Swap: Enables you to swap any two adjacent game pieces on the board.

While these boosters can be purchased with in-game currency, you can also earn them for free by logging in daily, completing in-game events, or watching video advertisements.

Connect with Friends

By connecting your Royal Match account with your Facebook account, you can compete with your friends, exchange lives, and send each other boosters. This not only adds a social element to the game but also provides you with a steady supply of resources to help you progress.

Conserve In-Game Currency

Coins, the in-game currency, can be earned by completing levels, participating in events, or through in-app purchases. However, they can also be scarce. It’s essential to conserve your coins and only use them when absolutely necessary, such as when you’re stuck on a particularly challenging level and need to purchase boosters or extra moves.

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Royal Match Gems Generator 2023

In Royal Match, Gems are a valuable in-game currency that can be used to purchase various items, including boosters, lives, and other advantages. While players can earn Gems through gameplay, some may look for alternative ways to obtain them more quickly. One such method is using a Royal Match Gems Generator. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of Gems Generators, their legitimacy, and potential risks involved.

What is a Royal Match Gems Generator?

A Royal Match Gems Generator is a tool or service that claims to provide players with free Gems for the game. These generators are typically found on websites or apps outside of the official game platform. Users are often asked to provide their Royal Match account information, complete surveys, or download third-party apps in exchange for the promised Gems.

Legitimacy and Risks

It’s crucial to understand that Royal Match Gems Generators are not officially endorsed or supported by the game developers, Dream Games. These generators are typically created by third parties that have no association with the game’s creators.

Using a Royal Match hack comes with several risks:

Account Suspension or Ban: Utilizing third-party tools or services to gain an unfair advantage violates Royal Match’s terms of service. This can result in your account being suspended or permanently banned.

Phishing and Personal Information Theft: Royal Match Gems Generators may require you to provide your game account information or personal details. This puts you at risk of having your account hacked, personal information stolen, or becoming a victim of identity theft.

Malware or Viruses: Downloading third-party apps or software from unverified sources can introduce malware or viruses to your device, compromising its security and functionality.

Not all Hacks and Cheats for Royal Match are a fraud!

It is very important to say that there are also many full working cheats and hacks for Royal Match. Not all of them are a scam. You can definitely use our Royal Match hack for iOS and Android to get free gems and coins.

Safe Alternatives for Obtaining Gems

Instead of resorting to Gems Generators, consider these safer alternatives for acquiring Gems in Royal Match:

Progress Through the Game: As you complete levels and objectives, you’ll be rewarded with Gems. The more you play, the more Gems you can accumulate.

Daily Login Bonuses: Logging in daily provides you with a chance to collect free Gems, among other rewards.

Participate in In-Game Events: Royal Match frequently hosts special events and challenges that offer Gems as rewards.

In-App Purchases: If you’re willing to spend real money, Gems can be purchased through the game’s official in-app store. This ensures that you’re supporting the developers and not violating the game’s terms of service.